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Accumulations and after that

Purified Naked Mind Series
:Purified Naked Mind
:Purified Naked Mind to be Respondable
To be honest, this work was made not by intention, but by happening through struggles with the difficult space for installation.

Some years ago, I made a wall rising from the center of the floor, packed with solid papers and without draughts. Then I changed my wall to be a low and see-through kind of separation unit.

However, I think this work still represented a wall or fence for me. After completion, I wanted to make a hole that I could walk through, even though it was already see-through.

Looking at my own work, I sometimes identify with being naked, see-through and infinite, even though I am only a limited being. I wish I could always be that way. After some consideration, I made a hole in my work and it became a gate that people could walk through.

The gate was standing steadily, though we had two big earthquakes after I had completed my work. for a few weeks. My gate remained steady and many people walked through it. Then suddenly one morning, it collapsed suddenly and silently. What was the matter with the gate?

I heard of the accident when I was at home in my temple. I went in a hurry to see my gate.

The mountain named “Haku-san” facing the gallery, was as beautiful as when I had left there after completing my work.

Upon seeing my collapsed work, I remembered my thoughts on the express train coming to the gallery. I had been filled with the Buddhist saying, “Things are always changing.”
Mar, 9th, 2006  Tomoko ISHIDA

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