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Being in Unlimited Relations

The most important matter what I’d like to express by this work is so-called ‘OTAISETSU’. This term is not popular even among Japanese, but it’s unforgettable for me after when I watched on the school text in my highschool days. It said, ‘OTAISETSU’ in Japanese is the first Japanese transulation from English ‘love’.

Anybody sometimes falls into helpless situations, for example, by repeated failures, feeling of depression, or by loss of intimate person. At that time, we cannot find ourselves as the being of unique value, so that we might feel lonliness. Nobody to talk with, to understand us, and sometimes we might find ourselves meanless to live here and live along. people feel such sufferings maybe many times through our life time.

When I was in such situation, I suddenly felt Buddha’s phrase falling down to me. It said, ‘Tenjou Tenge Yuiga Dokuson.’ which means ‘ I am only the respectable being between this heaven and earth. All the possibilities exist in myself.’ . Then I felt any person at any time in any place, is all valuable without any limittation.

We, this indivisual being, live in exceeding relationship with many things and people. Neither the beginning nor the end of it, we don’t know. And I felt myself living in this infinite relationship. No, I’d rather say I’m being fostered, than I’m living. That feeling brought me the highest and the most sure joy at that time. I cannot help thanking for something. In this way, I realized the real meaning of ‘OTAISETSU’.

I’m sure to be ‘OTAISETSU’. It is guite essencial way in our relational life.

I created this work aiming to pray anybody to be reflected under the exceeding light.

Dec, 12th, 2004  Tomoko ISHIDA

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